Reign of the Axe

Elaine - Session Seventeen

A good day...I hope...

I noticed something the other day as I was leaving the jail. I managed to go to the market by myself. No panic, no upset. Went to the market, bought things, and left without having an anxiety attack like a normal person. Maybe being around this group has influenced my psyche positively? Maybe greater self-esteem? I know there are a million and a half words for whatever psychological effect this might be, but it was…pleasantly surprising that these people who were strangers a month ago could help me mentally in such a way so quickly? Dare I say that there is more to them than meets the eye, but I suppose that’s already been proven, hasn’t it?

I will see if I can convince Krakar to assist me with the gnolls’ treatment, at least the initial part of it. Bofdak too, if he doesn’t mind. There’s always a handy use for someone who can throw a stone pie at people. Agda, while capable, just didn’t seem to have the bedside manner for something like this, and in these delicate early stages, we need tact. I can only pay them in favors, but that’s what Master Gerard used. He said after a while, money doesn’t mean anything because certain people accumulate more of it than they ever need. Instead, they trade favors. I will see if he accepts these terms. This might be a purely wizard custom.

Belorin surprised me again by letting me use the jail for them. There’s something really special about that man. I hope the gnolls don’t give him reason to never tap into his compassion again, but if I can establish some kind of communication, I might be able to get them out of here yet. Even Bob was actually kind of pleasant. All in all, it’s a good morning so far.

The orcs are a concern. I am no mastermind of the battlefield, but we might be able to question the Six Fists of Hextor before they head back to Ignavus. They might have some idea about what’s really going on.

I also need to talk to Krakar about possibly assisting me in making some Cure Potions. Normally, I’d only make these for one person at a time, so I’ll have to fiddle with my formulas to see if I can make a larger batch in a reasonable amount of time. It’s not as easy as compounding the formula, you see, as in certain quantities, certain ingredients begin to overpower others, and it throws everything off, not to mention making the potion taste even more like the business end of a sick dog than normal.

Note to self: Buy lye and lead before we leave town.

If Bofdak plans on rebuilding our cart, I might see if he wouldn’t mind squirreling away some lead plates in the side of it. Useful for hiding things from magic users, those lead plates. Believe it or not, most mages are incredibly lazy. Lazy magic is a thing, remember? Most of the time, they use a couple detection spells, sense nothing, and move on. This is where bandits and other more hands-on people find things in secret compartments and such. You have to be crafty.

I will see if Krakar will assist in my gnoll endeavor. I might end up owing him a lot of favors, but if he’s nice enough to help these guys out, what he asks for might not be so bad.



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