Six Hands of Hextor

Worshipers of Hextor who live in and protect Ignavus


Called into Lindellin by Belorin to help fight the coming Orc army. Belorin has limited “faith” in the Paladins of Heironeous so he called in the Six Hands of Hextor from Ignavus to help in the battle. They are known for being ruthless and unforgiving when fighting their foes, and are not known for losing or keeping prisoners. They worship Hextor, the God of War, Tyranny and Fitness.

Current known members:
Muga Highmountain the Goliath
Tunda Valundsun the Dwarf
Abir – the longsword female Fist of Hextor


The time often comes when even the most tyrannical despot may face military challenges that cannot be overcome by the strength of his own army. Humanoid invasions, organized insurrection, and even well-supported peasant uprisings have toppled more than one evil but civilized monarch who lacked the might to restore order in his own demesne. Fortunately, support can be found for the discriminating tyrant, provided he can pay the price. If he can afford them, he just might be able to hire some of the most infamously brutal mercenaries ever known: The Fists of Hextor.

Created and supported by the Church of Hextor, the Fists of Hextor are considered part of its clergy. They serve the Scourge of Battle by fighting only in those causes approved and sanctioned by Hextor’s priests. Well-known both for their efficient brutality and their strict adherence to any bargain struck, those who would hire the Fists of Hextor must take care to stipulate the terms of their employment most carefully, lest they find themselves the victim of an unfortunate misunderstanding. (An infamous disagreement between the Fists of Hextor and a past employer resulted in the mercenaries sudden withdrawal from the field of battle at a crucial moment, leaving their former employer to the tender mercies of his opponents.)

Once engaged, the Fists of Hextor fight with cold, merciless efficiency. They pursue they their goal with single-mindedness and an unbridled ferocity that has earned them a reputation for cruelty. Fists of Hextor continue to fight until the opponent is defeated, the terms of their agreement are fulfilled, or the contract is terminated. In no event do the Fists of Hextor quit the battlefield for any other eventuality. They are quite prepared to die in the service of the Champion of Evil. A martial faith, the Church expects the Fists of Hextor to prevail even against considerable hardship, and to employ any methods necessary to ensure victory. Failure is not tolerated, which is undoubtedly the chief reason the Fists of Hextor are so zealous in their pursuit of success in warfare: Should they fail to achieve their designated objective, a fate far worse than an honorable death in battle awaits them upon their return to their church fathers.

Six Hands of Hextor

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