Elaine Darkwing

A raven-humanoid the size of a gnome


In burka – you see a short figure standing at 4 feet, maybe a tall halfling or a gnome, standing with what looks like a solid black sheet over her. The only way you can tell which way she’s looking is the cloth circlet with a single bead in the middle over the center of her forehead. The sheet has sleeves, but black, scaled-hide gloves stick out from them.

Out of burka – what you thought was a halfling or a gnome is actually a humanoid raven wearing a dark blue tunic and dark gray pants, a black-feathered tail sticking out the back. The gloves you thought you saw before aren’t gloves at all but actually scaled hands, tipped with razor sharp talons. Inexpensive glasses sit on the top of the beak, chained to something on the inside of the hood that you can’t see. The black, shiny eyes are very intelligent.

When she talks, her voice is scratchy and very reminiscent of how you believe a raven would sound if it spoke. When she CAWS, it’s very loud and unsettling.

Elaine also has a raven familiar that’s very independent. You’ve seen it only a few times since you started traveling with Elaine, but every now and then Risher comes back to Elaine’s shoulder to roost. When he caws at her, she almost seems to understand him.

She has a particular weakness for lizards and bread. YOUR BREAD IS FORFEIT!


The shorter member of your party is originally from Ignavus. When asked about her appearance, she explains that it is the unfortunate result of a wizard duel, what happens when a polymorph spell and a greater curse mix together.

A wizard named Auromvorax attacked her and her master Gerard Fatereign in the marketplace when they were out shopping for supplies. That wizard duel resulted in Gerard’s death, and Elaine is very sensitive about insults to her late magical master. That is the large, red button that reads DO NOT PUSH for your shorter compatriot, and you can expect irrational choices being made once it has been pushed. The same could be said for Auromvorax. His name is always said in a hissed and malevolent tone.

Elaine’s Get-Done List
-Learn Gnoll
-Acquire lead and lye
-And diamonds

Elaine Darkwing

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