Reign of the Axe

Krakar - Session 15

Found the old man

Finally managed to track the old man down. Of course I have no idea how to make him go back home, as far as the old coot is concerned he is still underground. He seems to have gotten caught up with some interesting characters though, the likes of which I haven’t met in all my travels…well at least in one place.

Most notably were probably the monk who was on lightning (like on fire but with lightning, not sure what else to call it) and of course the naked orc woman, Deneva. She wasn’t naked at first but somehow managed to not notice she was on fire for a good minute before I finally put it out and by that point she had burned all her clothes away. Not a bad looker if i must say but still a far cry from a good dwarf maid, too tall and simply not enough hair on her chin. Or perhaps it simply got burned away? An enigma for another time…

Funny enough, the old man got caught up in some war. Never needed much of an excuse to kill them orc types, present company excluded of course. It will be interesting to see where travelling with this bunch will lead me this time…

Note to self: Buy crackers



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