Reign of the Axe

Elaine - Session Sixteen

Irritating, but I have a point...

The others are giving me weird looks for wanting to keep the gnolls safe. I understand them, I really do. Being chewed on makes one tend towards their point of view, but listen to me. Hear me out. There is a point to this madness, I assure you. Be patient with me.

For one, race aside, they are prisoners of war. If they had been human, no one would have batted an eye at my wanting to help them. I know that stereotypes exist for a reason, but perhaps what kindness we offer them will have a lasting impact on their lives. Perhaps next time they do whatever gnolls do in their spare time, they’ll remember that kindness and it will change them. This doesn’t make those bites hurt any less, but I don’t blame the poor thing. Whatever justice and goodness you believe in, when you are starving, it all goes down the latrine. I should have thought better of it.

If I could find one that spoke a language my group could understand, I could ask him more information. I hope one of the unconscious ones can. It would be much easier to explain the situation to them and get them medical attention and out of the reach of the orcs. The others ran together after we freed them from the cages. Perhaps they are heading towards their home? I do not know, but I hope they get to a place they can be safe and heal.

I’m sure the others think that I’m trying to start my own beast orphanage. I assure you, guys, I am not. The troll and the goblins need to be properly quarantined and experimented on to find a cure for their ailment. This is no longer the case for Tim, who has been deemed too dangerous to transport, unfortunately. I will not let my desire to find a cure cloud the safety of the town or my new friends. The goblins will need to be fed and if that skittering noise is any indication, that third box left in the mansion’s basement will need to be recovered as well. It might be related, and I don’t want to risk it getting out and infecting the others, especially if Tim is loose down there.

The gnolls just need severe medical attention. Once they receive it and are able to leave, hopefully with supplies so they don’t just turn around and raid the town themselves, we point them in the direction of their brethren and get them on their way. I have no intention of keeping any of them.

I have never gotten that angry before… Not at anyone. I’ve wanted to be that angry at Auromvorax, but I have never gotten to that level. This is exciting and kind of scary.

I like my new friends. I will do what I can to keep them safe, even from my own weird sense of justice.

Note to Self
-Buy lead
-Buy lye
-Begin diamond horde
-Buy crackers and more bread
-Will also probably need to restock on aloe after the gnolls’ treatment



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