Reign of the Axe

Elaine - Session Fifteen

Great balls of fire...ey gnolls...

Battle was intense, and I’ll be kicking myself for letting Larry get hurt for a while to come, but our side has been taken care of for the time being. I do not regret telling Larry to watch over the gnoll, but I do regret not correcting his proximity to him. Larry might fare better to just supervise from afar. The gnoll, as injured as he is, is still more dangerous than Larry, but Boccob let no bad happen to that boy, please. I don’t need more on my conscience right now.

Deneva displayed an amazing amount of apathy to being on fire. It was as much awe-inspiring as it was horrifying to behold. Maybe she and Mawmaw Olive should talk. Wob Zi used that electric eel elixir to its fullest potential and turned that one invader into his personal lightning show. I’ll have to make more of these kinds of potions for these two to play with. They used them very efficiently.

May not have gotten myself on the right side of Miss Abir right out of the gate, but she can clean the sand out of herself any time now and grow up! The Fists of Hextor were supposed to be in the south. If she was skulking around along the east wall, outside of the territory she was supposed to be patrolling, it would have been proper to let those shooting at things skulking around along the east wall know. Then she gets mad at me for casting magic on her that was a completely blind shot that I barely managed to pull off? You deliberately deserted your post during active war to come hunt down a troll because you were bored! A troll that I noticed you conveniently did not burn upon rendering unconscious! Woman, so far, you have painted yourself in a less favorable light than most of the Heironeons, and the only reason you’re above them is because you haven’t pissed me off as much as Doster has!

Deneva said that she was the only one like that. I sure hope so for the sake of my sanity.

I was surprised at the new arrival today, the young dwarf Cracker. No, no, his name is Krakar. Neither he, Deneva, or Bofdak have crackers. Note to self: get more bread and crackers. He is certainly a powerhouse and renews my faith in clergy. Effective, attentive, there was some mention of bacon and crackers, and I heard that distinctive sound of metal squashing invaders. It’s a good start in my book.

Bofdak and Thunk brought on the pain during this battle. Thunk just outright flattened six of the invaders. One second there was a person there, and then you blinked, and there was a boulder there. It was crazy effective. Bofdak summoned a woman, some kind of undead woman, perhaps? I’m not sure of her significance, but Krakar seemed to recognize her as well. I shall ask them later. She seemed very happy to assist in our endeavor as well, for which I am thankful. Thank you, Miss Hel. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Everyone brought their A-game at the wall, everyone, and I feel honored to know these selfless people.

The fact the troll was throwing burning gnolls makes me a little sick to my stomach, as does the paladin’s reaction to it. Is it a gnoll? Yes, and I am more than aware of what gnolls are known for. They are predators, and no one knows more about predators than what is essentially a mobile turkey dinner. Still, no one deserves to burn to death like that, having been turned on by those he considered his allies. In fact, if we can save him and heal most of his wounds, he might be willing to turn on them in return, which is why I am trying to keep him alive if he chooses life. If he chooses to be released from his pain and sent to his god, I volunteer to put my knife through his heart.

Was it foolish? Maybe. Probably, but there are those who would be kind to others if only given the chance, especially because it was denied to them. A wererat helped feed me after my accident. This wererat, seen as lowly by those who didn’t know of his affliction and hunted by those that did, helped cloth and feed a complete stranger. I couldn’t pay him anything. I couldn’t help him do anything, not in my current state. No, he did it out of what odd sense of kindness he had buried deep in his psyche, and I mean deep.

Once you go from a human to something considered undesirable, you get a lot of hard lessons about how people view them. Those lessons leave a bad taste in your mouth, and you learn hard.

So if the gnoll turns on us despite us trying to help him, I will not feel guilty about turning him into Gammi Ruth’s pin cushion. So far, we don’t know the circumstances surrounding his involvement with this invasion. He may have come along in a support capacity, a cook or squire-type role. He wasn’t wearing armor when he was burning. That would have impeded the flames. They stripped him down and set him on fire. If he had armor on, they would have probably had to wrestle him out of it, and that would cause a huge commotion. Drugging him is a possibility, as is knocking him out. Either way, he did not sign up to be their flaming fur ball of death. As far as his involvement, at worst, he was one of the invaders bent on taking us for all we had and, at best, he was taken against his will for this purpose. I do not think this is the case, either, since it would be inefficient to have to carry prisoners for such a long march. I am not delusional in this analysis.

Still, there is a chance that whatever hatred he had towards us will be directed towards those that did this to him, and it only takes one weak link to break the chain. If he can provide insight to what that is, then it might save a lot of lives, and if there are other gnolls in this battle, I do not think they will like hearing that their lives are being wasted in this manner.



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