Reign of the Axe

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Session One
The Caravan Ambush

A group of adventurers set forth on a caravan from the town of Port Daniden to the town of Lindellin. Each had their separate reasons for traveling to the quiet town, though none of them aside from a half-ogre named Thunk were too keen on going into specifics. Their caravaneer, a man named Eugene, knew there was something odd about this group of folks, but was either too polite or too ambivalent to probe too much.

When the group was a few miles from Lindellin, the wheels of their wagons were destroyed by some strange trap laid on the road. While investigating the wreckage, they were set upon by strange catlike creatures called krenshar. One of the creatures attempted to make off with Eugene, but Thunk saved the day. After the creatures were driven off, the party reflected on the strangeness of the traps and the behavior of the creatures. The group fixed the wagons as best they could, and continued on to the town.

After arriving in the town, the party determined that they should set back out at once to determine where the creatures came from. They were accosted by a soldier named Volund on their way out. The man was a member of The Lindellin Outriders, and was suspicious of these newcomers. There was an exchange of harsh words, but ultimately the party decided it was time to step away from the confrontation and headed out into the wilderness.

The elf Korwindel quickly found the tracks of the creatures. After a good night’s rest, the party set forth towards the tracks’ source…

Session Two

Followed by the rest of the ragtag group, the keen elf Korwindel followed the tracks of the krenshar to the mountains southeast of Lindellin. Shortly before arriving, the tracks mysteriously disappeared, but the party was able to locate a cave leading into the mountain nearby.

The party attempted to navigate around a treacherous ledge, but the graceless Thunk slipped and fell. A net quickly enveloped him, but he was able to break free. The party heard a strange voice shout out, and decided to investigate.

After navigating (and in some cases, falling in) some traps, the party found some grotesque subterranean creatures called grimlocks. Seeking a fresh meal, the grimlocks attacked, but were quickly put down by arrow, sword, and shield. Deneva in particular showed her martial might, obliterating one of the creatures with a single powerful overhead blow.

With this threat dealt with, the crew decided to explore a bit more. Curiosity got the better of them, as a strange wormlike creature burst from the walls and dealt a grievous blow to Thunk. The party quickly retreated, tended their wounds, and decided that a small wing of a cave wasn’t worth their lives.

Next, the group found a strange corridor containing a strange door mechanism. The quick-thinking Korwindel solved the puzzle effortlessly. When the final door was raised, the party was presented with a solitary stone door. After some knocking, a strange creature peered out of the slat in the door. Thunk harassed the creature endlessly until it gave in to conversation; apparently this was a Duergar, who was part of a group that was also looking for the krenshars. After a great deal of bluffing and haggling, the duergar ended up telling the party that some of his fellows were waiting down below. The company set off, seeking allies in this search for the krenshars….

Session Three

Following their encounter with the duergar at the door, the party set off deeper into the Lindellin cave. They encountered the corpses of huge spiders, apparently slain by someone who had been there shortly before. After stumbling around the corner, the party nearly walked into a spear-wielding line of apprehensive duergar.

Before the duergar could launch into a full attack, Korwindel quickly explained that they had been sent by the duergar at the door. Though apprehensive, the duergar welcomed the party’s help in searching for the krenshars. Korwindel found a hidden door in the room and opened it, which greatly irked the prideful duergar. As a result, the duergar insisted that the party go in ahead of them. The party was not too keen on this, and ultimately the duergar went ahead alone.

After a few minutes of discussing the situation, the party was interrupted by one of the duergar who attempted to rush past them. Thunk grabbed hold of the wily creature, who declared that they had found a bunch of humans, and that he was going to fetch his fellow duergar and put all these people to the sword. The party was disgusted at this, and with Thunk holding on to the duergar, they set off.

After heading through the door, they were briefly dazzled by the lights of a strange underground civilization. A vast cavern lay before them, with all sorts of shanties and huts crudely constructed around it. The sound of battle brought them back to their senses. After attempting to establish peace, the wizard Elaine let out a bright blast of colors which stunned and disoriented the combatants. The still-standing cave people capitalized on this and slew the marauding dwarves, but in the confusion Deneva also slew one of the prized krenshar.

After a tense-standoff, both the cave people and the party backed down. All around, fearful people huddled in their shanties and huts, occasionally peering out at the strange newcomers. A woman came up to the party and introduced herself as Ylanna Lendithas. She explained that her people had dwelled underground since an ancient war, and had always faced difficulty and adversity. The duergar attack was a tipping point, and though reluctant, she eventually agreed that her people needed to escape. She set out with the party to the town of Lindellin, seeking asylum.

After a brief journey, the crew arrived back in Lindellin, and sent for the captain of the guard. Belorin Silverkin answered the call, and the party relayed the situation to him. Troubled by this revelation, Belorin sought out Yenven Chandler, the town’s mayor, to determine what to do with the cave people. The boisterous mayor didn’t prove very helpful, but Ylanna and Belorin eventually worked out a deal; the cave people would work and guard the town, but they would have to live in tents temporarily outside of town.

Exhausted by the day’s events, the party purchased rooms at the inn, and quickly collapsed…

Session Four
The People of Lindellin

After a much-needed full night’s rest, the party awoke and reconvened downstairs in the inn. Two strange new characters presented themselves to the group; the first was a particularly good looking man carrying a whip and a guitar. He introduced himself as Almond, and exchanged small talk with the company. After a few niceties were exchanged, the group noticed a commotion coming from outside. They headed out the door, and saw a large caravan of the cave people headed their way, flanked by town guards and headed by Belorin and a paladin. The paladin introduced himself as Doster Hawklight, and he thanked the party for saving the cave people. The caravan set off for the south side of the town, and the party headed back into the inn. There, they noticed a small gnome coming downstairs The gnome appraised the party for a few minutes, seemingly gauging their worth, and approached them.

His name was Angus Hander, and he was in need of people with capable sword arms. He had been contracted by the paladins of Heironeous to bring a rogue wizard to justice, but he was going to need some backup if he was going to take down this wizard. He seemed intent on claiming the majority of the pot for the wizard’s head, but Korwindel was not alright with this situation. After much haggling between the two, Yenven Chandler burst in the front door, and much to everyone’s annoyance, made the crew agree on sharing an equal sum. Angus told the party to meet him at the west gate at nightfall, and that they should make ready.

With their mission ahead of them, the group set about their preparations.

Almond set off with a bit of money, to procure some goods for the journey ahead. Upon entering the general goods store, he was struck across the chest with a sword. In front of him stood a terrified Alton Talmerson, who quickly shrieked and began apologizing. Alton had apparently been “practicing” his swordfighting, and Almond had walked in unexpected. Alton professed profusely and tended to Almond’s wounds, even going so far as to supply Almond with some spare healing potions. However, the town guard arrived, and was wary of Almond’s shirtless whip-bearing antics. He was ejected from the shop.

Korwindel and Elaine set off to manage the party’s funds and acquire mounts. After a very typical customer service experience at the bank, they headed for the stables. There they encountered Larry Nysh, a young boy running the stables. After selling the duo some horses, Larry also begrudgingly sold Elaine his beloved riding dog, also named Larry. Though he was loathe to part with his friend, he was also excited that Larry The Dog was going to get to see the world. Larry also revealed that his father had gone missing, and Korwindel and Elaine quickly surmised that this was connected to their mission with Angus.

Thunk, Deneva, and Wob Zi set off to find Ylanna, and see how they could help. After locating the camp, Belorin shared that the group could help with clearing trees. Ylanna noticed the group, and cut Deneva a cruel glance, supposedly for slaying one of the krenshar. Eventually, the rest of the group joined Thunk, Deneva, and Wob Zi at the camp, and they all set about helping how they could. Doster pulled Korwindel aside, and revealed that he knew about Korwindel’s quarry. He also revealed that there was some sort of enchantment about the creature, and that it was incredibly powerful. In return for Korwindel helping Angus, Doster promised to look into the issue more. Doster also took a few minutes to award Thunk with a medal for his bravery for helping the cave people.

After a short stop by the blacksmith, the party headed for the west gate, met Angus, and headed to the mansion outside of town…

Elaine - Session Five
Into the Manor

I can’t say I like Angus very much, but now, I’m not so sure his insults are intentional. He might just be a colossal moron. You know what they say. The gods pity children and the fools, and I’m starting to think he falls into the latter category.

What would he know about magic anyway? What a tool.

It started with the rain. Of course it had to rain. I suppose it’s a good thing it rained, because it’s harder to see a group of people plus a Thunk sneak up to a house. Going through the cellar was a good plan that crashed hopelessly into a brick wall, so we turned our attention on the house. Korwindel was shot trying to fiddle with the window, and I wasted a completely good Color Spray spell on a wall. Oh well, at least it looked fabulously horrible for a minute or so. Talk about wasted potential, especially considering what all we went up against. I really need to buy a small crossbow.

Almond was rocking it out, though. He’s really good on his guitar, and I think Wob Zi is some kind of dancing monk. I don’t know any kind of dancing monk sect, but there’s a lot I don’t know.

Deneve and I had a star moment tonight. Hell hath no fury, I guess? I never thought I’d help kill someone with a moldy pillow, and she literally cut a dude to ribbons.

(Exhibit A: One of Two Murder Weapons)

I might need a few nights to get that out of my head. That’s going to be a good bar story for a while, although I am sorry he died before Wob Zi got to talk to him. I didn’t realize that he knew the guy until I saw him standing over his body looking contemplative like that. I felt like a jerk for that part.

We had one survivor, a dwarf, who was plenty informative about where the hostages were being held and a ghost on the second floor, but he didn’t know how to work the piano to open it. After watching them run around forever trying various ways to remove the piano obstacle, I suggested we just beat down the brick wall behind the cellar doors. Which we were going to, but then one of the halflings upstairs called us out.

(Exhibit B: There’s a special place in HELL for this thing)

Snarky one, that girl. I was about to set the upper floor on fire with my poor man’s fireball when she invited us up to talk. I saw the barricade where the ghost was being held. Ironic, really, considering they are ghosts, but it is how the physical being reacts to a non-physical problem.

The halfling, never caught her name or her brother’s name, told us about her mother Marrath, a woman from my home town who was sick with the same illness that killed my parents a long time ago. I think it’s mutated by now, if the wizards couldn’t identify it. It’s a serious issue, and I felt for her. It’s really hard to watch your parents die like that. I know a hardcore healer is expensive and very hard to find, and I was going to give her as much money as I could to find one. Thunk gave her more coin, and then Korwindel said he’d give her a letter of recommendation for one of the druids in his home town. Korwindel’s all right, a bit stubborn, but men are usually like that, and Thunk’s a big muscley ball of love and…muscle. Anyway, at least Thunk, Korwindel and I are pitching in to help them get out of this dire situation.

So the key to the secret door under the piano is only known by the true master of the house, which happens to be the dwarf ghost and his family “locked” behind the barricade. The halfling said he wasn’t feral, which is good, although I’ve never actually spoken to a ghost before. Korwindel was going to go in there alone, which I wasn’t against the idea since I’m not exactly the strongest person in the world, or even in the room, but Deneve suggested that I go in since I knew more about them.

I have no plan except to show proper respect to the master of the house. It is what he expected in life, and that might be the same thing he expects in death. If he and his family are being kept here and are sentient enough to speak about it, maybe we can help put them at ease and give the property back to Lindellin. Although, if his entire family died and isn’t able to rest, perhaps they were murdered and the murderer wasn’t brought to justice? Then again, perhaps they died of disease with a significant purpose left unfulfilled. With the afterlife, you can never be sure.

I’m not ruling out a bribe of Yaller Whiskey, either. If they can’t actually drink it, maybe it’s enough to trigger a memory of drinking it. For a ghost, it would essentially be the same thing, and I’ve heard of that kind of thing happening before.

Either way, we are getting into that basement, and we’re getting Larry back his dad and the other hostages back to wherever they came from.

Maybe if I’m lucky, there will be some eyeballs in it for me. It’s all fun until someone loses an eye, and then it’s delicious. Eyeballs are an undiscovered delicacy, I’ve found, although proper humans tend to look down on that kind of thing. Will have to be discreet with that one.

Elaine - Session Six
Into the Dark Places

WHY? WHY!? I have been traveling with a half-OGRE, so why in all that is holy would I get spooked by a DWARF IN SHINY ARMOR. Good bye, Color Spray, I hardly knew thee. Call me butt hurt all you want, but I take pride in what minuscule magical abilities I have currently. When one of them doesn’t go as planned, yes, I get butt hurt. Say it to my face and I’ll light you on fire. I don’t even need to waste a spell on that, either. Poor man’s fireball.

Okay, rant out of the way. Today’s entry involves a lot of different things. We met with the dwarven lord of the house, as well as his wife and child. He’d been consumed by his rage and paranoia, and his wife was the only one that was aware enough to speak to us. She and their daughter had been killed by him. It’s the kind of thing that makes your stomach turn. He’d murdered them, and his wife had condemned herself to sit in that room with him fuming for what could have been an eternity. She told us their story, and how her lost wedding ring had been the straw to break the donkey’s back. Bingo, that’s what I was looking for. Something locked them to this world, and if it was something like that, even if it was down a dumbwaiter, that’s certainly better than it could have been. She really could have dropped it in the market or something, but down a dumbwaiter? Especially a dumbwaiter I could fit down? We could definitely work with this.

I really didn’t want to go down a dusty, dirty dumbwaiter, but with the horrified expression on the halfling boy’s face, there was no way he’d work. Thank Boccob I’m the weakest out of the group. It was great knowing if I needed to get out of there, I just needed to hold onto the rope and give the signal and, although I’d be in danger of hitting my head on the top of the dumbwaiter, it would be an instantaneous exit. The ring had fallen into a small side area of the chute. I was hoping to find some cockroaches or skinks in there, but there weren’t any. There were some bats, but I missed all of them. I don’t even know how, but I did. I mean, there are giant centipedes that hunt bats. How could I have really missed all of them? Mmm, giant centipedes.

Seeing Thunk wrapped up in rope was amusing. Thank god for my party having better reflexes than I did or we might have lost the ring again. I’m starting to think that the men of our group are secretly all acrobats. Korwindel’s pretty slick, Wob Zi’s some kind of dancing fighter, super light on his feet, and Thunk is…well maybe not Thunk. I was going to put it in an envelope for delivery, and Korwindel brought out his sealing wax and we made that sucker up like a BOSS.

It had been the lynchpin for his rage, and once the ring was presented to him, it at least unlatched the death rage from him. He was still angry, but he had his reason again. That is good. Once a spirit has its thinking consciousness back, it can be reasoned with, much like his wife. It’s going to be hard for them for a while, I think, and there’s not really a way he can make it up to them for what he did, but I think that she understands that he wasn’t in his right mind when it happened. Still, I pity their daughter. I dislike death when it claims the young. There’s so much beauty, creativity, sheer potential lost in cases like that, but it is a hard truth of the world.

He told us how to get into the basement, by holding down the last key on the piano, and we decided to rest until morning. We all were really tired, and I was magically drained. I stayed up for a bit and looked at the old violin that I took from the music room. I know it’s technically stealing, but the Master cannot use it anymore, and to see such a fine instrument die a death of silence seems counteractive to what its creator intended. I need to keep an ear out for a violin player who might know how to bring its life back to it. Sentimental, yes, but necessary. It’ll make someone very happy one day, and hopefully, its music enriches the lives of many. I wonder if Almond knows how to repair it. I need to ask him. He would know about how to replace the strings of it, maybe. His guitar has strings. Oh, and maybe a good polish for it. He can show me how to do that maybe. I would feel better about taking it if I asked the Master first. They might still be up there at the end of this whole ordeal. He might not mind so much, or he might trade it for the flask of Yaller Whiskey. Yeah, I’ll ask.

Korwindel was on watch next, and I was so very tired. I may have cawed a few times in my sleep. I do that sometimes. The older halfling whose name escapes me at the moment came down to watch us, but it’s not usually a good idea to trust anyone who has been working with a kidnapping ring, even if they did it because they had no choice.

Welcome to the day of failure. It starts with the cans. Oh dear, the cans. “Hey, let me help with that. I can help with that.” CLANG, CLANK, CLANK. I think I shriveled a little at the look everyone was giving me. Blood freezing, yes, I know what that feels like now, and it’s not good. I think Korwindel was ready to wring my neck.

I was frazzled for most of the next fight. I couldn’t get my Color Spray off, and the rest of it was just…confusion. There were a lot of dwarves in the next room, and Korwindel couldn’t bluff his way through them, so of course, we fought. We were getting the kidnapping victims out of there no matter how many will fall. I don’t comprehend how anyone could kidnap someone, but I certainly don’t understand how a dwarf could kidnap another dwarf. Two humans and a dwarf were taken. How could they do that? Weren’t all dwarves family in some regard? I don’t know. I really don’t know much about dwarves except that they make alcohol that can work as a Fireball spell. I’m serious. Seen it done. There was one survivor: a tiefling. Horrible business.

I need to put nails and beans in this pillow. I’ve used it twice now. Also need to get some throwing knives. Stock up on those.

I really, REALLY need to remember that I’m small and very helpless when it comes to facing larger men in armor with weapons. I can’t even begin to think what would have happened if Thunk hadn’t beaned that guy in the head.

Do not run off on your own. Do not run off on your own. Do not run off on your own. Do not run off on your own. Do not run off on your own. Do not run off on your own. Do not run off on your own. Do not run off on your own.

In my defense, I was trying to see if there was another nasty surprise waiting for us. I was going to warn everyone. Then again, if there had been, and it ate me, well, I guess it wasn’t the wisest decision.

I am so freaking hungry. Envisioning freshly-made bread with a side of lizard jerky is no longer working. Some of Oi’s stew would really hit the spot. And some bread. Crispy, glorious bread.

I’ll probably be giving the rest of mine to the victims when we find them. I hope it’s soon.


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