Reign of the Axe

Session Three

Following their encounter with the duergar at the door, the party set off deeper into the Lindellin cave. They encountered the corpses of huge spiders, apparently slain by someone who had been there shortly before. After stumbling around the corner, the party nearly walked into a spear-wielding line of apprehensive duergar.

Before the duergar could launch into a full attack, Korwindel quickly explained that they had been sent by the duergar at the door. Though apprehensive, the duergar welcomed the party’s help in searching for the krenshars. Korwindel found a hidden door in the room and opened it, which greatly irked the prideful duergar. As a result, the duergar insisted that the party go in ahead of them. The party was not too keen on this, and ultimately the duergar went ahead alone.

After a few minutes of discussing the situation, the party was interrupted by one of the duergar who attempted to rush past them. Thunk grabbed hold of the wily creature, who declared that they had found a bunch of humans, and that he was going to fetch his fellow duergar and put all these people to the sword. The party was disgusted at this, and with Thunk holding on to the duergar, they set off.

After heading through the door, they were briefly dazzled by the lights of a strange underground civilization. A vast cavern lay before them, with all sorts of shanties and huts crudely constructed around it. The sound of battle brought them back to their senses. After attempting to establish peace, the wizard Elaine let out a bright blast of colors which stunned and disoriented the combatants. The still-standing cave people capitalized on this and slew the marauding dwarves, but in the confusion Deneva also slew one of the prized krenshar.

After a tense-standoff, both the cave people and the party backed down. All around, fearful people huddled in their shanties and huts, occasionally peering out at the strange newcomers. A woman came up to the party and introduced herself as Ylanna Lendithas. She explained that her people had dwelled underground since an ancient war, and had always faced difficulty and adversity. The duergar attack was a tipping point, and though reluctant, she eventually agreed that her people needed to escape. She set out with the party to the town of Lindellin, seeking asylum.

After a brief journey, the crew arrived back in Lindellin, and sent for the captain of the guard. Belorin Silverkin answered the call, and the party relayed the situation to him. Troubled by this revelation, Belorin sought out Yenven Chandler, the town’s mayor, to determine what to do with the cave people. The boisterous mayor didn’t prove very helpful, but Ylanna and Belorin eventually worked out a deal; the cave people would work and guard the town, but they would have to live in tents temporarily outside of town.

Exhausted by the day’s events, the party purchased rooms at the inn, and quickly collapsed…

Session Two

Followed by the rest of the ragtag group, the keen elf Korwindel followed the tracks of the krenshar to the mountains southeast of Lindellin. Shortly before arriving, the tracks mysteriously disappeared, but the party was able to locate a cave leading into the mountain nearby.

The party attempted to navigate around a treacherous ledge, but the graceless Thunk slipped and fell. A net quickly enveloped him, but he was able to break free. The party heard a strange voice shout out, and decided to investigate.

After navigating (and in some cases, falling in) some traps, the party found some grotesque subterranean creatures called grimlocks. Seeking a fresh meal, the grimlocks attacked, but were quickly put down by arrow, sword, and shield. Deneva in particular showed her martial might, obliterating one of the creatures with a single powerful overhead blow.

With this threat dealt with, the crew decided to explore a bit more. Curiosity got the better of them, as a strange wormlike creature burst from the walls and dealt a grievous blow to Thunk. The party quickly retreated, tended their wounds, and decided that a small wing of a cave wasn’t worth their lives.

Next, the group found a strange corridor containing a strange door mechanism. The quick-thinking Korwindel solved the puzzle effortlessly. When the final door was raised, the party was presented with a solitary stone door. After some knocking, a strange creature peered out of the slat in the door. Thunk harassed the creature endlessly until it gave in to conversation; apparently this was a Duergar, who was part of a group that was also looking for the krenshars. After a great deal of bluffing and haggling, the duergar ended up telling the party that some of his fellows were waiting down below. The company set off, seeking allies in this search for the krenshars….

Session One
The Caravan Ambush

A group of adventurers set forth on a caravan from the town of Port Daniden to the town of Lindellin. Each had their separate reasons for traveling to the quiet town, though none of them aside from a half-ogre named Thunk were too keen on going into specifics. Their caravaneer, a man named Eugene, knew there was something odd about this group of folks, but was either too polite or too ambivalent to probe too much.

When the group was a few miles from Lindellin, the wheels of their wagons were destroyed by some strange trap laid on the road. While investigating the wreckage, they were set upon by strange catlike creatures called krenshar. One of the creatures attempted to make off with Eugene, but Thunk saved the day. After the creatures were driven off, the party reflected on the strangeness of the traps and the behavior of the creatures. The group fixed the wagons as best they could, and continued on to the town.

After arriving in the town, the party determined that they should set back out at once to determine where the creatures came from. They were accosted by a soldier named Volund on their way out. The man was a member of The Lindellin Outriders, and was suspicious of these newcomers. There was an exchange of harsh words, but ultimately the party decided it was time to step away from the confrontation and headed out into the wilderness.

The elf Korwindel quickly found the tracks of the creatures. After a good night’s rest, the party set forth towards the tracks’ source…

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