The Lindellin Outriders

A group of rangers dedicated to hunting the Locust


4 people from an order of the church dubbed The Outriders of Heironeous:

A greasy, black-haired man named Volund.

A half-orc named Lolkek.

A human man named Frederick.

A human woman named Genni.

The group is dedicated to staving off attacks from a roving nomadic tribe of humanoids known as The Locust.


The party’s first encounter with the Outriders was not one they’d wish on anyone else; they were accosted by the group’s leader, Volund, and quickly butted heads with them. After hearing his racist remarks, the party quickly wrote Volund and company off as a bunch of thugs; though other people in the town speak highly of the valor of the group of fighters.

The Lindellin Outriders

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