Angus Hander

A gnomish corpse, he just doesn't know it yet


A leather-clad, country-accented gnomish bounty hunter that has become the hunted.


Angus noticed the party sitting in the inn, and decided that they were just the people that could help him out. He had been tasked by Belorin Silverkin with tracking a rogue wizard. The wizard had been targeted by the paladins of Heironeous, and had apparently kidnapped people from the town of Lindellin. Craving the 1200 gold pot on the wizard’s head, Angus tracked his target to a deserted mansion outside of Lindellin. He just needed the party’s muscle to help him get in the door.

With Yenven Chandler’s help, the party worked out a price with Angus, and at dusk, set off to the mansion outside of town.

Angus Hander

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