Reign of the Axe

Larry - Session Eight


Oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Alpha came home! I was busy sniffing the poop of the long-faced dog with hooves, and then I smelled Alpha! I smelled Alpha, and then I ran and ran and saw him coming up the stone trail!

Beta Larry and Alpha Female were so happy that they started drooling from their faces! I am so happy that the Alpha came home. Beta Larry is still a pup at heart and he needs Alpha around. I am so happy that Alpha came back. I am so happy that Alpha is back again.

Alpha has been through a lot. I can smell it. I smell the dirt and rotting things that sound like they’d be fun to roll in. I smell deep things, and I smell Not-Food Bird and her pack on him. I smell other people on him too, and lots of things that smell bad.

I jumped on Alpha to make him smell like home again. He did not yell at me for jumping this time, and I am happy. He also did not yell at me for cleaning his face, and I am happy for that too. I am happier than last week when I finally caught that rat with the fluffy tail that laughs at me and ate it. That was a happy day because the rat with the fluffy tail gets dead, but Alpha coming home is even happier!

Alpha Female made lots of food for Alpha. Alpha was getting very thin. Maybe where he was, they didn’t have rats with the fluffy tails or hard meat to chew. I even got a chew bone to celebrate Alpha’s return!

I am so very happy Alpha is home. Beta Larry and Alpha Female are so happy too. My pack is home safe again.



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