Reign of the Axe

Larry - Session Fourteen

Things are Ruff

Alpha and Beta Larry are working hard in the barn, but it is not normal working. Alpha Female smells scared, and so do Alpha and Beta Larry, only their scared is covered up by lots of work. Lots of scared smells now. All the humans that pass by are scared and in a hurry. Something is coming.

Which means I only have a limited amount of time to get that fluffy-tailed devil rodent. He has taunted me for the last time!

Phase 01 – Scouted the area around Alpha and Beta Larry. Perimeter secure. Picked up scent of fluffy-tailed rat at last seen location by the wood pile. Marked the area for later identification.

Phase 02 – Obeyed Alpha Female's orders to get away from the flat clouds hanging in the backyard. Scent of perpetrator is still present. Operative is following closely, suspects it goes to the oak tree in the next yard. The suspect has been seen loitering in this area under suspicious circumstances.

Phase 03 – Identified the location of the perpetrator 's headquarters as the mass of sticks and grass in the tree branches. Suspect does not answer to operative's challenge to arms.

Conclusion – fluffy-tailed rat is not home.

Phase 04 – Operative has been instructed to keep eyes on the suspect's headquarters the perpetrator returns.

Phase 05 – Then devour him with absolute glee and chew his fluffy tail into oblivion.

Phase 06 – ???

Phase 07PROFIT!



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