Reign of the Axe

Elaine - Session Nine

Alchemy 101

Gathering the necessary components for testing is now my first priority, as is forming a complete plan for testing. Identifying a mystery contagion this dangerous will require lots of protection. Will need to find as many gloves as possible, but that should be the last component I need. Gloves must be changed frequently for safety and to prevent cross-contamination of substances.

First round of experiments involves the infected blood. I have Nado the dwarf’s infected blood, the infected blood of Goblin A, B, and C, the infected blood of the paladin which I managed to grab from the paladin’s burn pile before they got rid of all of it. Thank Boccob they managed to mop up most of it with relatively clean bits of cloth. The sample is still workable, but it must be noted that it is not a pure sample.

The troll subject is a bit more tricky. Although it would be a good idea to use blood from the actual subject, in this case, the risk is too high. To compensate for this, because I do believe that the troll should be assisted, I will ask Thunk for samples of his blood. Despite his race, he is also a victim in all this, just like the goblins. To punish them for being victims is cruel and horrible. I need to check on those goblins too. We left them to the paladins, but given their recent oversights, we might need to keep our own surveillance on the victims. If Thunk acquiesces, I will mix the samples of his blood with Nado’s blood to hopefully create a very basic substitute for the troll victim, which I will test in place of the troll’s blood. Note that this sample will also be impure. Risk to obtain real troll blood is simply too high.

The contagion must be identified. First and foremost, information must be gathered about what kind of contagion we are dealing with. The more information we know about it, the easier it will be to find a cure to combat it. The questioned samples will be tested in various ways alongside Thunk’s pure blood sample and my pure blood sample. We will be the control group. Neither of us are contaminated.

The second round of experimentation will involve how the blood affects other beings. I will see how it affects other races, such as the halfling children, Korwindel if I can convince him that I am not worshipping devils over here, and whomever else I can convince to lend me a sample. I will also test someone of divine nature, but I do not believe Doster will part with his blood that easily. I might have to resort to guilt-tripping to get it from him, but my intentions are very pure. I do not mind supervision if they wish, as long as I get my sample. And stay thirty feet away for safety concerns.

The third round, assuming that the contagion is identified, will involve various means of a cure. It must be noted that a complete cure is sought after, not a partial cure. Partial cures or results that are less than perfect must be further—

Apparently, the rest of my traveling companions have made friend with a fellow outside. I am slightly worried by how…enthusiastic they are about things. Do I smell brimstone or did someone uncover a rotten egg…?

As I was saying, partial cures or results that are less than perfect must be further tested. Perhaps there is a side-step alternative that needs to be introduced and the first step is merely a stepping stone to the true cure.

Something must be learned of this contagion through these experiments that will bring us closer to a cure.

I am also concerned with time. They are taking Nado and the infected paladin to a very populated city. It would have been better to leave them here in case of an outbreak. I do not mean to sound callus, but this small fishing town has a smaller population at risk of infection. I certainly would not wish anything bad upon these good people, but with something this dangerous and contagious, these risks need to be hedged in our favor as much as possible.

Please, Boccob, give me the intellect to surpass this.

Korwindel gave me someone’s reagent pouch. I’m not sure how he got it, but it might have something to do with the commotion outside last night. The components inside it are for very high-level magic. If he managed to snag it off someone, I’m sure there was a reason. I will keep it safe for now and question him about it later.

Korwindel wants to learn how to kill wizards. I am…slightly put off by this question, but this new information we have learned will bring us across the paths of some very strong wizards. His interest in wizard-slaying will be useful, although I must be wary about this knowledge turning around and biting me. I must not tell him everything until I know him a little more. I am still relatively weak, so I have no doubt that Korwindel could kill me if he wanted to. He did say he would teach me how to speak Gnoll. That would be an interesting language. I wonder if it would allow me to communicate with some breeds of dogs, much like Risher’s teaching.

I would like to try to fly soon. I’m going to need a lot of practice to get the correct form back. I used to be able to fly, but I’ve only been able to fly as a polymorphed bird, not in my current form. The weights will be different, my appendages will be different. Risher said he’d teach me if I stop hoarding all the bread and share. He also wants some dried lizards.

Notes to Self:
Shopping List: gloves, dried lizards
Forage List: grass for more sun protection potion for the new arrivals (might as well brew more potion while I’m working)



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