Reign of the Axe

Elaine - Session Fourteen

The Air is Charged

The tension is tangible in the air. It feels like an ichy tickle across my feathers, almost like the sudden build-up of electricity right before you touch a doorknob and electrocute yourself. We prepared the best we could, I think, but time will tell if we prepared enough.

I need to ask Deneva for a favor, a deathwish. If something happens to me during this, I need to ask her to take my research journal and the goblins to the temple of Boccob and tell them about what is happening. They will know what to do. They have to know what to do with all this. She's got a much higher chance of surviving this than I do.

Note to Self: Hand out the potions we found in the basement laboratory. They have been identified as free of the contagion, and I think we will need them now more than ever. I believe Wob Zi will benefit the most from the Electric Eel Elixer, and since Thunk is throwing boulders, I think Deneva will be able to use the Rhino Elixer most efficiently. The Porcupine Elixer is useful, but we really don't have that many scrappers in the group aside from Wob Zi, and mixing potions is a bad idea.

I am uncertain about the two new additions to our company. Bofdak seems harmless enough, although I'm wary of the extent of his power, but I am concerned about the one-handed man traveling with him. He hasn't really contributed to fortifying the wall that I can see. He just follows Bofdak around, which is strange considering what is coming upon us. Who gets that excited about bombs upon meeting a total stranger? War time or not, their answers were unusual. I must try and keep an eye on them. It is possible that the one-handed man is a spy. The orcs may have cut off his hand and threatened to do worse if he didn't gather information on us. It would also explain his curiosity about the bombs and his lack of effort for the cause. Bofdak has been assisting with the fortifications, to a rather hilarious end, by the way. His magic didn't change the color of the Saternalia sweaters, so now we have Saternalia-themed palisades in front of the gate. The Blue-Haired Bombing Brigade would be proud.

It was exciting to learn that the Hextorians are here. I've seen them before in Ignavus, but I never dared to go too close. They are very strong and scary-looking, and I am small with hollow bones. I'd like to meet them if they're still around after the battle. We might need their assistance to deal with Tim if that is within their contract with Belorin. I know the Hextorians are big on their rules and contracts, and that Hextor is the sworn enemy of Heironeous. Outside of that, my knowledge of his clergy and traditions is very limited.

Still, if there isn't a possibility of retrieving Tim, we must make sure he cannot get out and attack the town.

Speaking of hollow bones, I've been practicing my arm movements for flying under Risher's supervision. He says I have forgotten how to fly and with my new body, it will be essential to learn where my equilibrium is. One I find that balance and get the proper motion down, I can start the physical trials. He made a comment wondering how thick my down coat was, and I believe he was hinting at my lack of cold-weather clothing. When you fly, it gets really cold quickly, and if I'm not prepared for it, I'll turn into a bird-cicle and freeze my tail feathers off. I'll be needing those.

I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. I keep seeing shapes and such right outside of the light, but Deneva hasn't made any move to arms.

Boccob, give me the wisdom to survive this night. Give me the strength to keep my companions alive this night.

Give us strength.



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